Automated fever check and temperature control solutions

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The solution

PN SO-8271-11-7

The SISTEER Optronics solution, consisting of the camera, the blackbody, its tripod/or its brackets (wall / ceiling) and its video management system allows you to offer a flexible and rapidly deployable solution for your sites and your access controls. This solution automatically detects people with abnormally high temperatures. For industrial sites with multiple access controls, a concentrator-recorder (NVR) is available for data recording and real-time management of multiple access control sites.

  • Fever detection
  • Very high accuracy (+ – 0.3 °)
  • Detection with mask
  • Facial recognition with AI
Thermal camera
Mobile installation

The tripod allows instant installation and infinite choice of positioning. Fast and easy deployment.

Other installations

For fixed installations, position the temperature control camera or cameras on the ceiling or on the wall using one of the several brackets supplied. Ceiling and wall mounted brackets for our camera are available. We can also study possible integration with existing CCTV systems and bespoke integrations.

The components

Thermal camera for temperature detection
PN SO-8271-11

The thermal temperature camera is ideal for detecting people with abnormally high temperatures at a glance. A switch and data recorder is also available for face recognition and multi-sites.

PN SO-8271-11-1

The use of the blackbody improves the accuracy of the thermal camera and reduces the maximum deviation from 0.5 ° C to 0.3 ° C. The blackbody requires a DC 24V supply. Once powered, a digital screen on the back allows you to adjust the temperature of the temperature reference frame.

Tripod for mobile installation

Flexible and easy to use, this tripod allows the solution to be used and the thermal camera to be fixed using the tripod adapter (cup). This tripod can be deployed inside or outside a building and is very simple to install. The ideal solution for rapid deployment.


Other possible brackets

Aesthetic and robust (wall and ceiling brackets).

Multi-site option
Network Video Recorder (NVR)

The NVR completes the solution if you want to record data. Artificial intelligence providing up to 32 facial recognition streams for each NVR.

Secure building entrance with thermal cameras