Automated fever check and temperature screening by professional bi-spectrum / thermal camera and AI

  • High temperature detection by AI
  • Automated facial recognition – 30 people/sec
  • Facial Detection even with mask
  • Very high accuracy (+/-0.3 °C)

Leading a new era of thermal technology with AI

Accurate face recognition – Real time alarm

Face recognition algorithm is used to accurately screen and measure the temperature of the target

Multi-objective fast non-contact temperature measurement

16 target temperature measurements within 30 milliseconds at a distance of 3-5 meters

Bi-spectrum, dual channel – All-weather real-time monitoring

Visible light can capture human face and thermal imaging can monitor body temperature

Temperature accuracy +/-0.3 °C

≥0.3 ℃ (emissivity, distance, ambient temperature)

Welcome to the professional automated fever check and ultra fast temperature screening machine

The ultimate facial temperature screening system
PN SO-8271-11-7

The SISTEER Optronics solution, consisting of the camera, the blackbody, its tripod or its brackets (wall / ceiling) and its video management system provides you a flexible and rapidly deployable solution for your sites and your access controls. This solution automatically checks and screens high temperature and fever.

The components of our solution

Thermal camera for temperature control

The thermal temperature camera is ideal for detecting people with abnormally high temperatures at a glance. A switch and data recorder is also available for face recognition and multi-sites.


The use of the blackbody improves the accuracy of the thermal camera and reduces the maximum deviation from 0.5 °C to 0.3 °C

Central management system and AI powered switch

Required for multi-sites solutions and facial detection (up to 80 sites).

Network Video Recorder (NVR) Multi-site option

The NVR completes the solution if you want to record data. Artificial intelligence providing up to 32 facial recognition streams for each NVR.

Applications et references

Caméra thermique hopitaux

Minimize the risk of contagion for the patients, their families and friends, and for the medical staff.

Caméra thermique écoles
Schools and Universities

Minimize the risk of contagion within schools and protect teachers and families.

Caméra thermique entreprise privée
Businesses & Offices

Secure businesses, offices and head offices with efficient and fast fever check and temperature screening

Caméra thermique supermarché

Secure businesses, offices and head offices with efficient and fast fever check and temperature screening

Caméra thermique usines
Industrial sites

Secure factories, industrial sites and production tools by immediate and precise detection

Caméra thermique batiment public
Local authorities

Minimize the risk of contagion, protect users and citizens.

Caméra thermique batiment public
Transport & Infrastructures

Securing international travel and business travel must be a priority to prevent and contain the spread of viruses.